Voltage SecureData Mobile

Protecting sensitive data end-to-end for mobile devices

HPE SecureData Mobile, part of the HPE SecureData portfolio, provides security at data capture on the mobile endpoint. HPE SecureData Mobile enables end-to-end sensitive data protection from the native mobile iOS / Android applications through the entire enterprise data lifecycle and payment data stream. Data is protected anywhere it moves, anywhere it resides and however it is used.

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Key Benefits of HPE SecureData Mobile

PCI Compliance and Scope Reduction

Enables PCI compliance and potentially significant PCI audit scope and cost reduction. Sensitive credit card information – PAN and CVV/CVC data – is immediately encrypted, providing data-in-motion security and is decrypted at the host end for payment settlement. Live data is removed end-to-end from the payment stream. By rendering the data valueless, data breaches are neutralized.

PII and PHI Compliance

By encrypting PII and PHI data in the mobile app and keeping the sensitive data protected as it moves through the enterprise, HPE SecureData Mobile enables companies to streamline privacy through reduced data exposure to meet compliance. Data is decrypted only when it reaches secured systems if it is needed for further processing.

Omni-channel Data Protection

With the retail industry rapidly embracing the omni-channel strategy, retailers have a need to deliver a seamless shopping experience regardless of channel (whether online, mobile, or in store). HPE SecureData Mobile secures sensitive data end-to-end in this multi-channel approach, helping retailers reduce fraud at every touch point.

Standards-based FPE

HPE Format Preserving Encryption (FPE) uses a published encryption method with a proven algorithm to encrypt data in a way that does not alter the data format. The result is a strong encryption scheme that allows for encryption with minimal modifications to the way that existing applications work. HPE FPE is a recognized format preserving encryption standard recognized by NIST (NIST SP800-38G).

Easy, Developer Friendly SDK

HPE SecureData Mobile includes simple, native libraries to easily incorporate into any native mobile application. This enables the application code to retrieve a one-time-use cryptographic key for encrypting sensitive data. HPE SecureData Mobile supports two mobile client platforms, iOS and Android.

HPE Stateless Key Management

HPE SecureData Mobile also supports HPE Stateless Key Management, which enables on-demand key generation and re-generation without an ever-growing key store. The result is a system that can be infinitely scaled across distributed physical and logical locations for a low operational and infrastructure cost.

HPE SecureData Mobile Securing Sensitive Data End-to-End

HPE SecureData Mobile leverages HPE FPE to provide data security for in app and browser mobile purchases. HPE SecureData Mobile encrypts sensitive information like PANs (credit card numbers) and the CVV/CVC (3 digit security code) when a purchase is made through a mobile application. HPE SecureData Mobile also encrypts personal sensitive information like Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and Protected Health Information (PHI) in mobile apps serving the healthcare and financial services, insurance, retail, pharma, etc. This also enables the industries to meet PII and PHI compliance. HPE SecureData Mobile mitigates the risks of data breaches across the entire data life cycle, wherever the data resides, is used, or moves.

“I think that HPE Security - Data Security team has done a great job of
making sure that their product is backwards compatible with
development environments and devices that are not the most current and this ability will go far in helping their SDK be easily integrated customer applications. Also, their consistency in naming conventions, and strength in using common design patterns on both iOS and Android makes their product very accessible for developers.”

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Large Telecommunications Company

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