SecureData Suite for Hadoop

Voltage SecureData for Hadoop and IoT

Data-centric Protection for Sensitive Big Data

Voltage SecureData protects sensitive data in the Data Lake – including Hadoop, Teradata, Vertica, and other Big Data platforms. Voltage SecureData is a data-centric framework that protects data end-to-end, and:

● Delivers secure analytics
● Protects data streaming from Internet of Things (IoT) devices/sensors
● Enables PCI compliance, scope reduction
● Secures PII/PHI for data privacy

Voltage SecureData is a data-centric framework that protects data end-to-end, from the moment of capture, through the business analysis, to the back-end data store. Voltage SecureData technologies call for de-identifying the data as close to its source as possible, transforming sensitive data elements with usable, yet de-identified, equivalents that retain their format, behavior and meaning. Voltage SecureData secures sensitive data at-rest in-use, and in-motion with
four core technologies.

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Format Preserving Encryption

Voltage Format-Preserving Encryption (Voltage FPE) provides high-strength encryption of data without altering the original data format and preserving business value and referential integrity across distributed systems and platforms.

Secure Stateless Tokenization

Voltage Secure Stateless Tokenization (Voltage SST) is stateless, eliminating the need for a token database. SST uses a pre-generated token mapping table, a proven, independently validated random token.

Stateless Key Management

Voltage Stateless Key Management provides keys as needed with no storage or database management issues because database synchronization and frequent backups are not required.

Voltage SecureStorage

Voltage SecureStorage provides an extra level of defense for data sets stored in volumes in the event of media removal, theft, and hardware recycling. Voltage SecureStorage uses the native Linux dm-crypt along with Voltage Stateless Key Management to protect data stored on Linux volumes. Also included is support for Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) in Hadoop, enabling granular access control for data-at-rest.

Securing the Big Data Space with Voltage SecureData for Hadoop and IoT

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Technology Partnerships

Data Security has technology partnerships with Cloudera, IBM, Hortonworks, MapR, and Teradata, and Voltage SecureData for Hadoop and IoT is certified to run on each of these.

“CISOs should not treat big data security in isolation, but require policies that encompass all data silos to avoid security chaos. New data-centric audit and protection solutions and management approaches
are required.”

Brian Lowans and Earl Perkins


Big Data Needs a Data-Centric Security Focus

March 26, 2014

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