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Securely use data throughout your enterprise system.

HPE SecureMail

HPE SecureMail is the best of breed end-to-end encrypted email solution available for desktop, cloud, and mobile that is scalable to millions of users, while keeping Personally Identifiable Information and Personal Health information secure
and private.

HPE SecureMail Mobile

HPE SecureMail Mobile Edition allows employees, partners, and customers to read and send HPE SecureMail encrypted email on iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, and supported Android devices, with advanced mobile policy control.

HPE SecureMail for Office 365

HPE SecureMail is a natural fit for Office 365, enhancing its security, privacy, and usability capabilities.

HPE SecureMail Cloud

HPE SecureMail Cloud is a multi-tenanted SaaS solution that enables businesses, partners and their customers to protect email, files and documents without investment in on-premise infrastructure. Business users can initiate secure messages with the click of a button – including from the latest smartphones, and recipients never need to download software to read them.

HPE SecureMail Add-ons

Additional capabilities are available as add-on tools, connectors, plug-ins and modular additions to
HPE SecureMail.

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