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eDiscovery Compliance Tool

HPE SecureMail eDiscovery Compliance Tool decrypts all secure email to facilitate easy indexing and full text searches. Administrators can seamlessly implement important workflows throughout the organization, while maintaining high levels of security.

Archive Connector

HPE SecureMail Archive Connector automatically decrypts all secure email when they are archived to Symantec Enterprise Vault. This facilitates easy indexing and full text searches of decrypted messages in the archive. Important workflows continue without additional administrative burden.

Large Attachment Delivery Module

HPE SecureMail Large Attachment Delivery maximizes deliverability of large attachments by avoiding file size restrictions. Attachments exceeding the size limit are automatically removed from the message, encrypted as HPE SecureFile, and stored in the DMZ on a HPE SecureMail Gateway or third-party storage. This reduces the risk of employees using insecure means to exchange files.

Applications Edition

HPE SecureMail Application Edition uses RESTful API web services to interact with HPE Identity-Based Encryption. This enables enterprises to protect email from different applications and websites that generate, store, and use email. The Application Edition avoids the complexity and cost associated with integrating email encryption using legacy SDK approaches.

Statement Edition

The HPE SecureMail Statement Edition securely delivers automatically-generated invoices, account information, and other electronic statements directly to each customer’s inbox as a secure private email. Statements are encrypted and sent automatically, and received like standard email, dramatically saving
time and money.

Connector for Thales nShield Connector

HPE SecureMail supports the use of Thales nShield Connect Hardware Security Module (HSM). Allows enterprises to generate HPE Identity-Based Encryption base secret and user keys inside tamper resistant Thales nShield Connect Hardware. Operator Card Set (OCS) can be used to provide additional layers of security for unattended / remote operation of the HSM.

Encryption Client

HPE SecureMail Encryption Client provides persistent data-level protection for sensitive and confidential data inside email and files. HPE SecureMail Encryption Client offers client-side encryption rules and tight integration with Microsoft Windows, Active Directory, Exchange and Office.

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