Voltage SecureMail Application Edition

Data-centric security for applications, portals, and websites that use email

Secure Email Data with End-to-End Data-centric Security

Protection for Email Sent and Received by Applications

Extends messaging data protection beyond the email backbone (i.e., corporate email servers, gateways, and clients) and into applications and websites. Enables data protection for internal email without interrupting the business processes driven by the application.


An easy-to-use Web Services API that avoids the complexity and costs associated with legacy SDK integration approaches. By eliminating the need to change mail architectures, reroute mail flows, or perform significant development and QA, HPE SecureMail Applications RESTful API enables a simpler, faster, and lower cost integration.

Comprehensive and Streamline Compliance

Protect email by eliminating the security gaps – where data is vulnerable – as email travels between applications, websites, and users, and as it is stored in mailboxes. The message is encrypted from the moment it is created until the moment it is read by a user or consumed by an application. The entire business process or workflow is protected end-to-end.

Protecting Applications and Websites that Generate, Store
and Use Email

Secure the entire business process or workflow end-to-end, while the email is in transit, while at rest in the applications, and in the mailboxes on the mail server and desktop.

Protects a Variety of Business Processes and Workflows

Inbound Web Form Submissions

Provisioning Credentials

Password Reset Managers

Fax to Email

Scheduled Reports

Internal Approval Workflows

Enterprise Collaboration Tools

Other Use Cases

Integrating HPE SecureMail with Applications

HPE SecureMail Applications Edition is designed to minimize the complexity and cost associated with integrating encryption and security into applications. HPE SecureMail Applications Edition gives email-enabled applications two ways to exchange protected information, via REST-style web service or over SMTP. Data in the email is protected as it leaves the application, before it transits to the email backbone, and keeps it protected until the recipient opens the message.

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Secure applications and websites
that use email

Data-centric approach persistently protects email data wherever it goes. Get broader reaching, more comprehensive data protection and compliance for applications, portals and websites

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