HPE SecureMail for Office 365

End-to-End Protection for Your Transition to the Cloud

Transition to the Cloud with Confidence

The cloud’s promise of on-demand functionality for a lower cost has arrived to business applications. If you are like most corporations, a transition to cloud-based work applications is top of mind. But so are security concerns. HPE SecureMail adds best-in-class e-mail encryption protection to Office 365 for corporations that want to ensure end-to-end protection to their most sensitive information flowing across the business.

HPE SecureMail Expands Office 365 Security, Privacy and Usability Controls

HPE SecureMail expands Office 365 native capabilities adding end-to-end Identity-Based Encryption (IBE), flexible deployment options in the cloud, on-prem and hybrid, additional compliance, productivity and collaboration features, ease of use and full privacy control. HPE SecureMail adds full end-to-end security to Office 2016, 2013 and 2010 client software.

eBook – Peace of Mind in the Cloud – Securing Email Migration to Office 365

In a time of constant hacking attacks and email vulnerabilities exposed, a transition to cloud-based Office 365 is top of the mind for most organizations—large and small—and so are the security concerns. If your company is moving or has already moved to the cloud, our new “Peace of Mind in the Cloud” eBook discusses the security issues associated with email and cloud-based office applications.

Best-in-Class Features and Functionality

HPE SecureMail the most widely deployed e-mail encryption solution in the world enabling over 75 million users to exchange sensitive data securely inside and outside corporations. HPE SecureMail is the best of breed email solution available for desktop, cloud, and mobile.

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