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Data Security and Encryption, Domain 11 from the CSA Security Guidance for Critical Areas of Focus In Cloud Computing v4.0

As we move towards a data driven economy, data, and how an organization uses it, are easily becoming an organization’s business critical asset. Accompanying this shift is the increasing statutory emphasis being placed on the data privacy of individuals. Organizations wanting to move to the cloud are faced with the prospect of putting such critical assets in the hands of third party cloud providers. Naturally, that brings about lots of trepidation.

With the right approach, we at the Cloud Security Alliance, feel that such fears can be alleviated when one realizes the large amount of tools, resources and knowledge that has been made available to organizations that want to move to the cloud. When it comes to data security and encryption, one such resource is Domain 11 of the CSA Security Guidance. This domain – sponsored by HPE Security – Data Security, aims to provide clarity and guidance on topics such as data security controls as well as how cloud data in transit and storage can be protected.

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