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HPE FPE Enabling Secure Analytics, and Data Portability

Discover how HPE FPE enables access and portability of sensitive data, as well as secure analytics. Listen to Jay Irwin, JD Director Teradata Center for Enterprise Security as he discusses how businesses can make more use of their data. Learn how HPE Format-Preserving Encryption (FPE) protects data in all forms, yet is worthless to hackers. Hear how HPE FPE allows data to be moved around between technologies and used analytically, yet stay secure. Discover the value of having encrypted data retain the same data format to allow data scientists and business intelligence analysts to use that data and make queries against it and gain far more insights of their data without decrypting it. Hear how HPE FPE allows for easy data portability for multi-national companies that need to move data to be used by different groups all over the world. See how HPE FPE meets Federal and NIST Standards for encryption, in particular for the government sector.

Categories: Big Data, FPE