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The Great Divide: Bridging the Cloud with On-Prem Systems

The information landscape now spreads to the farthest corners of earth, and sky. On-prem systems are increasingly tethered to cloud-based platforms. In between all these touchpoints, a tremendous chasm must be traversed efficiently and safely. With a mountain of sensitive data flowing back and forth daily, a new era of durable, secure data delivery systems must evolve.

Register for this episode of The Briefing Room to learn from veteran Analyst William McKnight as he discusses the evolution of enterprise cloud adoption. He’ll be joined by cloud security expert Dez Blanchfield, who will explain why aging infrastructure cannot handle the stress of today’s workloads. The two analysts will then be briefed by Farshad Ghazi of HPE Security – Data Security, who will explain how his company addresses secure data movement to and from the cloud.

Farshad Ghazi
Global Product Management
HPE Security – Data Security

Analyst: William McKnight
McKnight Consulting Group

Analyst: Dez Blanchfield
Independent Consultant

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