A support group for information security people?

As I mentioned in a previous post, people who work in information security have the Meyers-Briggs type INTJ much more often than other MBTI types and the huge predominance if INTJs in the industry is probably enough to significantly affect generally accepted ways of thinking in it.

Now INTJs are fairly rare, and they also tend to be aware of the fact that they're not like other people. So it's not too surprising that there's a web site that's sort of a place for INTJs to gather and talk about the sorts of issues that INTJs worry about. This in the INTJ Forum, and you can find it here. Because I don't seem to have the time to hang out in on-line forums, I doubt that I check out the INTJ Forum to see what INTJs talk about when they get together, but finding this web site did make me wonder if there are lots of information security people represented in the discussions on it. (In addition to wondering if there are forums dedicated to other MBTI types, of course.)

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