An unusual requirement for encryption

I recently came across what I thought was an unusual requirement for an enterprise encryption product. I heard this from the CEO of a company that wasn't encrypting their email yet and didn't plan to do so until they could find a product that met all of the CEO's requirements.

The particular requirement that I found somewhat surprising was that the user of an email encryption product would automatically be notified if a hacker somehow managed to decrypt an encrypted message.

I won't say that this is impossible to do, because someone might actually invent a clever way to do this some day, but it certainly seems as close to impossible as you can get. I certainly don't know of a good way to do it. But because they couldn't find a product that had this particular feature, at least one company out there isn't encrypting email messages that contains sensitive information.

The use of encryption has become much more widespread than it was just a few years ago, but there are still lots of cases where it's not used much. I have to wonder how much the adoption of encryption is being slowed by requirements that really aren't very practical.

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