Another NCLY observation

One more observation about the National Cyber Leap Year Summit. This one about the different perspectives of government, academia and industry.

At the NCLY Summit, I didn't meet anyone who knew more about data breaches and identity theft that we do at Voltage. We know a lot about those thing be case we have to. If we don't understand data breaches and identity theft, then we can't make the types of products that our customers will buy, which means that we'll soon be out of business. Only one person was there who knew much about the way in which payments are processed (he was from Visa).

On the other hand, the other people at the meeting might not have been experts on data breaches or payment processing, but they certainly knew a lot about other things, and I learned a lot by talking to them, way more that I typically learn at other big industry events, like the RSA Conference.

Maybe this was because the organizers of the event made sure that people were there from government, academia and industry, while the typical people you'll meet at the RSA Conference typically don't represent as wide a range or organizations. Maybe it was because they only invited people that were fairly knowledgeable in their fields, while people at the RSA Conference usually represent a wider range of backgrounds. In any case, the right mix of people was definitely there.

It's too bad that there aren't more events like this. Having a way to routinely exchange information between a group of knowledgeable people from government, academia and industry that represent different parts of the information security industry would be very useful.

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