Easier Data Encryption and Tokenization for z/OS Mainframe

While data is becoming the most valuable corporate currency, it is also subject to increased privacy and compliance regulations and APTs. The challenges of protecting your corporate data from breach have never been greater, but even contemplating a data protection project can be daunting. Encryption and tokenization are clearly the answer, but the prospect of having to change every application and every data store is overwhelming. Yet you know you cannot afford to ignore the risks, lest you become the next headline. Join us to hear how hundreds of installations have:

Phil Smith III will be presenting at the IBM Enterprise Systems 2013 conference in Orlando, FL on October 21 – 22. There is still time to register! Visit http://tinyurl.com/qb2nzsc.

Please also check out our November 20th live webinar on Implementing Mainframe Data Protection Without Losing Your Sanity

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