Financial Website Passwords

Back in June, I wrote about my experience with a financial website and their rules that made it tough to use strong passwords. There were three parts, here are the links to one and two. The people I talked to assured me that they were updating their security and better passwords would be allowed.

Well, they rolled out their new security measures. Sure enough, stronger passwords are allowed. They allow special characters and passwords can be as many as 20 characters (the old limit was 10).

This is much better. I wonder why there is still a character limit. Why not allow someone to go hog wild and use the password, "I remember the vacation I took to the Great Smoky Mountains. It was great"? My guess is that they are afraid people will forget longer passwords, or their website building software has a box in which users enter the password and the software requires a limit, or both.

There are other financial websites I use that disallow special characters. I need to call them up and request changes. I certainly hope anyone reading this blog will also check the financial websites they use, see if there are any that make it hard to use strong passwords, and call them up demanding change.

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