Google encrypts your Gmail – or does it ?

Voltage Security Network

Lots of buzz around Google making your Gmail safer by making it easier to turn on encryption. Two things come to mind – firstly it’s interesting how just by changing a simple default it’s possible to increase overall security. Eliminating user clicks is critical in providing useable security – bravo Gmail team.

The second point is that simply securing the pipe between your computer and Gmail is not really enough to protect your most sensitive communication. Emails by definition travel all over the place, so if you really want to make sure you are protecting your email then you need to encrypt the email itself. No other way to do it. But of course the problem with email encryption solutions over the past 15 years has been that they are all too difficult to use – a few clicks too many for the ordinary user.

One easy to use approach that you may want to try is the Voltage Security Network, especially if you routinely send work documents home via gmail (or any other public email system) – take the free trial.

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