Is there really no innovation in information security?

According to a recent article on the CSO magazine web site, there's not enough innovation in the information security industry to let businesses keep up with the ever-changing threats that they face.

Is this really true?

Voltage has created an innovation or two, and because that's the sort of stuff that I see on a day-to-day basis, my first thought was that this can't possibly be true. After all, if we're doing it, others must be doing it too.

But then I remembered going last year's RSA Conference and how unimpressed I was by what vendors were offering. I didn't really see much that I thought was innovative. (No, no CEO claiming that the next 12 months were going to be "the year of PKI" doesn't count as the sort or innovation that we're interested in here.)

This year's conference isn't too far off. It starts at the end of next month, and this year I'll be looking at what I see at it in terms of checking whether or not the claim that there's not enough innovation in the industry is true. I hope that I'll see some good counterexamples, but I'm really not expecting to.

  • Rahul Das

    Yes quite true. innovation always doesnt have to be something very tangible but an idea or new methodologies too are innovation. and very precious in the field of information security.


  • pci compliance

    For now, there is some credible hold on that claim. While security risks are multiplying when enterprises avail of a new technology platform, there embedded security updates and solutions take only a year to be released.


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