Oh Oh… We Did it Again!

The HPE Security – Data Security products team knows where its bread is buttered. We are serious about protecting the digital enterprise of our customers and last week we reconfirmed our long-time partnership and commitment to the HPE Integrity NonStop platform at the Connect NonStop Technical Boot Camp in San Jose CA with a strong presence. Connect is an independent user group community for all Hewlett Packard Enterprise products and consists of approximately 70,000 worldwide customers and vendors working with Hewlett Packard Enterprise Servers, Storage and Networking products.

Amongst the 60 technical presentations delivered at the event, HPE Security – Data Security Distinguished Technologists presented four unique sessions, covering some of our most coveted data-centric encryption solutions to a hungry audience that included partners, ISVs, consultants and NonStop subject matter experts. We also heard groundbreaking announcements from HPE Integrity NonStop. This includes not only the introduction of the entry class x86 NonStop system, the NS3 X1, with upgradable core licensing, but bigger announcements about NonStop futures and development efforts that blew the audience away around current development efforts to create NonStop hybrid environments that allow interconnectivity to applications running on Linux and other platforms. But did they stop there? No. We also heard there are development efforts underway to offer NonStop services in the cloud! The game is officially changed! Can you imagine NonStop Mission Critical capabilities available in the cloud as a fault-tolerant service for customer applications? How about the ability to scale NonStop technology across Linux or Unix boxes with on-demand capacity in a data center for high peak or temporary workloads?

Now every company can look forward to taking advantage of system availability levels that used to be only seen in the largest enterprise computing entities. That means the best kept secret and technology built into the mission-critical crown jewels of the HPE Integrity NonStop OS will soon be available to all types of new industries and all sizes of businesses. Bulletproofing the enterprise systems of the future means bulletproofing the security elements as well. Small businesses are everywhere and account for many of our day to day purchases. They need to protect customer sensitive data in their servers too. The next couple of years are going to be exciting… and we’re going to be busier than ever.

What security topics are enterprise customers worried about in the coming year?

We also heard feedback out of recent Hewlett Packard Enterprise NonStop customer council meetings that the majority of enterprise customers have one common priority in the security space this year – protecting Personally Identifiable Information (PII). That concern far outweighed all other items on their critical issue lists. It seems the sweet spot for many enterprise operations in becoming PCI compliant may have been reached even though enterprises need to stay on top of new regulations and international laws as they change. Now the big focus is on making sure they are protecting PII as nearly every company has this type of data which could be compromised. When it comes to experiencing a breach and loss of unprotected sensitive data, no one wants to ever claim, “Been There, Done That.” How many of us have access to at least one free credit reporting service because some company lost our data? It’s all too common and it’s preventable.

What are your thoughts on the direction of data security as it applies to your business in the next few years? Please leave your responses below.

For more information on HPE Security – Data Security products and solutions check us out on the web at: www.hpe.com/software/datasecurity and www.voltage.com.


-This blog post was written by Atalla Joe (Joe Androlowicz). Joe is the Worldwide Product Manager for HPE Security – Data Security Products.

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