PCI and small businesses

The business of America is business.

Calvin Coolidge

In his column on the storefrontbacktalk.com web site, David Taylor said that "small business owners may be too ignorant to ever be PCI compliant." His choice of the word "ignorant" is, at least in part, probably due to a desire to be somewhat controversial. Discussions that aren't controversial in some way really aren't very interesting, so he was probably trying to make his comments sound more interesting than they might have been otherwise. I don't think that the word "ignorant" was really appropriate in this context, however.

People in the payments industry seem to forget that small business owners aren't in the payments business. They're in the business of selling books, plastic tubing, greeting cards, or whatever they sell. Keeping their business running takes all of their time, and they shouldn't have to worry about the details of how payments are processed. The job of the payments processing vendors is to make sure that this is as easy as possible, and that it's done in a way that doesn't compromise any sensitive information.

A big part of how to do process payments securely involves the use of encryption. And just like you really can't expect a small business to be an expert in payments processing, you really can't expect payments vendors to be experts in encryption. That also requires a level of understanding that's not really that relevant to their business. What payments vendors need from encryption vendors is an easy-to-use solution that they can integrate into their offerings as easily as possible. They don't want to worry about the arcane details behind how the encryption works, they just want to use it. Worrying about all of the details that are needed to do the encryption securely is the job of encryption vendors.

It wouldn't make much sense for an encryption vendor to say that payment processors are too ignorant to ever use encryption securely. If payments vendors can't use encryption, it's the fault of the encryption vendors who aren't making the products that their customers need. Similarly, if small business owners can't become PCI compliant, it's not entirely their fault. Most of the blame should probably go to the acquiring banks and card brands that are creating requirements that aren't practical for small businesses to meet and to payment processing vendors who aren't providing small businesses the tools that they need to process payments securely.

The business of America is business, not payment processing. Let's not lose sight of that.

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