Questionable HR practices yet again


It's probably appropriate that Munch's famous painting The Scream was just sold at action for a record $119.9 million. It's a good representation of how this article about how HR people are fighting a "war for talent" for information security professionals made me feel. The HR people are essentially saying that they want people who are top-notch experts in their fields with lots of deep knowledge. But then they also want those people to be flexible enough to do other things if they're needed. 

Things really don't seem to work very well that way.

HR people tried this back in the dot-com era, and what we learned was that almost all of your top-notch experts will quickly lose interest in working for you if you put them on projects that aren't related to their world-class expertise. So even if you somehow manage to attract good people, you'll probably be extremely unlikely to retain them for long if you do this. Maybe things have changed a lot from the dot-com era and your best people are very different from the ones back then, but I doubt that that's true.  

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