Questions from alert readers about the Fujitsu discrete log calculation

I've received lots of questions about whether I was talking about the comments on the Internet on the recent announcement by a team from the Japanese National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT), Kyushu University, and Fujitsu Laboratories Limited that described how they had successfully calculated a discrete logarithm in a ternary field that has roughly 2923 elements in 148.2 days of number crunching when I suggested that there someone should hold a contest like the one that's being held to find supposed-errors in Mankiw's widely-used economics text book.

I wasn't.

But that doesn't mean that some of the comments that I've seen aren't worthy of being entered in such a contest.

I'll post my thoughts on this work tomorrow. I was going to post them today, but getting the math typeset correctly using this blogs interface ended up taking more patience than I had today. 

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