The CSI Computer Crime and Security Survey

The CSI's annual Computer Crime and Security Survey used to be one of the few good sources of information about trends in information security. It had all sorts of useful information about what the main threats that businesses were facing, how much damage various types of security incidents caused, etc. And it was one of the most commonly cited sources for this type of information.

This report used to be free, but now CSI is charging $185 for a copy of it. That's more than I'm willing to pay for this information, and from what I've heard, it's also more than most others are willing to pay. So I expect that this particular report will quickly become little more than a footnote in the history of information security. It may still be around in the future, but it probably won't be anywhere close to being as useful as it was in the past.

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    Sad when this happens. 185 bones is an insane price for something that used to be free. I wonder why the change, and why so much. If they felt the need to charge, why not keep it low if it was free before? Makes absolutely no sense.


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