The IEEE’s hacker matrix

There's an interesting visualization tool that the people at IEEE Spectrum magazine developed for hacks. In this context hacks aren't just ways to bypass security features, although many of the hacks that you can look at with this tool are.

This particular tool assigns two coordinates to 25 of the recent hacks that Spectrum covered. One of these coordinates is based on the impact of the hack. The other is based on the difficulty of the hack. Whan you assign these coordinates to the hacks and display the results, you get something that looks like this:


This is much more useful to me than the numerical scores that are sometimes attached to vulnerabilities. But then I'm a big fan of seeing pictures. They seem to make much more sense to me that just text does.

You can get a bigger and easier-to-read version of the graph here, where you also have the option to only display hacks that are "Good," "Bad" or "Murky."

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