The lamest spam ever

A few days ago, I received what must be the lamest spam ever. Here's what it said:

Hi Sir, You have a wonderfull offer to getting world wide companies. Please. If you are increase your bussiness then me. Regard's Thomes

It's somewhat amazing that this message made it past our spam filter, but what's even more amazing is the fact that someone actually thought that he could make money off his email campaign that sent out this message.

I've seen some poorly-designed spam over the past few years. Some spammers didn't even take the time and effort to make the content of their spam consistent. Like messages that claim to be from one bank yet tells you that your account at an entirely different bank has been suspended and that you'll be unable to access your balance unless you click on a link that installs a virus on your computer.

At least that spam made a better effort. It at least had flashy graphics that made a reasonable effort of making the message look like it really came from a big commercial bank. This message from "Thomes," however, makes no effort at all to even try to look legitimate. It must the lamest spam that I've ever seen.

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