The RSA Conference begins – sort of

Although the 2011 RSA Conference technically starts today, the good stuff really starts tomorrow. Maybe that's why I had time to figure out a few anagrams for RSA CONFERENCE today.

Maybe some people really don't think that the RSA Conference is worth attending these days. They're probably the ones who remember the old days when it was where serious crypto discussions were held. These people might be the ones who like FARCE CON – SNEER.

You also see lots of people from the NSA at the RSA Conference, although most of them don't actually have "NSA" on their badges, preferring more generic alternatives like "US Government" or "Department of Defense." People who are amused by these half-hearted attempts at anonymity might like FREE NARCS ONCE.

People who don't like getting spammed by the vendors who scan their badges might prefer FREE SCAN CRONE.

Crypto purists, particularly those who worry about protocols not really being resistant to replay attacks might like RE: NONCE FARCES.

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