Voltage Security Announces the General Availability of Two New SecureData Releases

Voltage Security is pleased to announce the general availability of two new releases:

  • Voltage SecureData Appliance 5.6
  • Voltage SecureData Simple API 4.0

These releases complement each other to make Voltage SecureData easier to implement and easier to manage – providing granular control that enables even the largest deployments to be managed by a very small number of administrators. For example, complementary capabilities in both releases enable periodic re-authentication for faster revocation of access to keys when needed, plus enhanced fault tolerance with configurable grace periods and retries when the network momentarily goes down. In SecureData Appliance 5.6 Voltage Secure Stateless Tokenization (SST) is now available for U.S. Social Security Numbers too!

What’s New

In both SecureData Appliance 5.6 and Simple API 4.0

  1. Periodic re-authentication – faster revocation of access to keys when needed
  2. Enhanced fault tolerance – configurable grace periods and retries
  3. Early warning for developers when input data doesn’t meet embedded FPE format requirements

In SecureData Simple API 4.0

  1. A more intuitive way for developers to interact with Simple API, reducing the developer learning curve.
  2. Patches can now be delivered simply by copying the shared library and restarting the program (no compiling, no linking required).
  3. Thread safety improvements simplify data integration in complex multi-threaded environments.
  4. More granular, more meaningful error messages provide additional information to developers.
  5. Improved sample code shows coding best practices and how integration should work.
  6. An entirely re-written developer’s guide.

In SecureData Appliance 5.6

  1. Secure Stateless Tokenization (SST) now available for US Social Security Numbers
  2. Enhanced Event Management with faster performance and additional search options. It also includes a “tamper-evident” feature required by PCI DSS that shows when logs have been modified.
  3. Protect dates with FPE while preserving intervals between them. This feature is particularly useful in de-identification of medical data where date ranges between events are critical for research use.
  4. HSM Status Monitoring

See the release notes included with each of these new software releases for additional new features, bug fixes and known issues.

Voltage SecureData Simple API 4.0 and SecureData Appliance 5.6 have been released to the Voltage Security Support Portal. Voltage SecureData customers with an End User License Agreement (EULA) and current Maintenance & Support Agreement for this product may download the latest version now.

Download here

Download/Install note: When downloading any new software release from Voltage, please check for the latest patch releases as well. For SecureData Appliance 5.6, at this time there is a 5.6.1 patch available, which should be installed right after installing 5.6.

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