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I recently looked into getting a copy of the Sage open-source math software. I was curious about how it compared to the software that I'm used to, like Mathematica or Maple. Like you seem to get with lots of open-source software, this wasn't as simple as I'd hoped. I first had to download Sun's VirtualBox software. When I installed this, I was surprised to get the following warning message:


Seeing this once was somewhat educational. Ah, this software hasn't been fully tested as being compatible with Windows.

I Continued Anyway and was surprised to see the same warning message FOUR additional times. I'm not sure exactly when it happened, but this message stopped being useful after a while. Probably after the second time that I saw it. There might be a good a reason why I had to see the same warning FIVE times, but it's not obvious to me exactly why that is.

I never did get a chance to try Sage. This might explain why:


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