What’s available at data.gov and what’s not

The US government's data.gov web site has all sorts of information: aviation accident databases, the locations of grave sites in the state of Oregon of veterans and their beneficiaries, the potential impact of climate change on the food supply in Africa, etc.

But they don't seem to have much about information security.

Every few months I remember to check the data.gov web site. I've done this several times now, and I still haven't found anything useful about information security.

I'm sure that the US government has lots of useful information about the costs and benefits of various security technologies and projects. Every time I travel to Washington I talk to government employees who have all sorts of interesting information about how their security projects are costing or how much progress they're making. They actually seem more in touch with some of the costs that they're incurring than some people in the private sector are.

Why isn't this information more widely available?

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