X9F4 at Voltage this week

Here's a quick reminder that the X9F4 meeting will be at Voltage this week. If you're an X9 member and in the Bay Area this week, feel free to stop by and visit. And help us get through some of the documents that we need to work on. 

If you're unfamilliar with the X9F4 workinng group, here's how the X9 web site describes what they do:

WGF4 – Cryptographic Protocol and Application Security

The X9F4 working group focuses on drafting security standards for the proper implementation and evaluation of protocols and technologies for the financial services industry. One of three working groups reporting to the X9 Subcommittee F – Security and established in 1996 to draft a secure remote banking standard, the X9F4 working group has had its scope expanded over the years to include cryptographic message syntax (CMS), public key infrastructure (PKI), biometrics, trusted time stamps and mutual authentication standards drafting. X9F4 membership consists of consultants, auditors, attorneys, service providers, product providers and end-users, including both government as well as financial institutions. X9F4 provides technical comments on international standards in support of the X9 role as the US technical advisory group (TAG) to ISO technical committee 68 Financial Services. Overall the X9F4 working group is drafting or initiating revisions to over a dozen standards.


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