Webcast | It's not just about Big Data but about Big Data Security - The difference between IT Security and Data Security
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It's not just about Big Data but about Big Data Security:
The difference between IT Security and Data Security

Sponsored by: TDWI – The Data Warehousing Institute

In the past several years there's been a significant increase in the number of laws and regulations pertaining to securing sensitive information. Companies spend continually on IT security and yet - as we've seen recently with many high profile data breaches spanning across all industries – there's something missing in ensuring that company and customer data is truly secure. Relying solely on IT security measures just isn't meeting today's needs for protecting information.

In this webcast we'll talk about the concept of data security versus traditional IT and why IT Security should be layered with Data Security. You'll also learn how formulating a strategy to protect data warehouse information can dramatically lower the risks of associated with data breach crime. In addition, this seminar will explore the approaches to protecting repurposed information while ensuring that business processes that use that data can continue uninterrupted.

Attendees will learn about:

Regulations and directives that are driving the protection of private information  
Why repurposed data is at risk
How IT security and data security differ 
Key data security concepts for the data warehousing environment  
Mitigate the risk of data compromise
Featured Speakers
David Loshin
David Loshin
President - Knowledge Integrity
David Loshin is President of Knowledge Integrity, a consulting company focusing on information management solutions for information quality, business intelligence, and metadata management. David is a recognized expert in information management, and writes and speaks on the topic frequently, including at TDWI conferences and events.
Wasim Ahmad
Wasim Ahmad
Vice President Marketing- Voltage Security
Wasim Ahmad brings to Voltage over 19 years of experience in enterprise software, application development and business intelligence, working with Global 2000 customers. Most recently, Wasim was Vice President of Strategy and Marketing at CA. Wasim was responsible at CA for defining and executing business strategy, focusing on portfolio strategy, mergers and acquisitions, as well as associated sales, marketing and branding strategies. Prior to CA, Wasim was with Sterling Software serving as a Business Unit Director, where he focused on applications development products for Distributed, Mainframe, Microsoft and J2EE platforms. Before Sterling, Wasim was with Synon, a start up in the applications development space, in various roles including product management and European marketing. Wasim holds a B.Sc. degree in Physics from the University of Sussex, England
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