Webcast | Avoid data residency mistakes by applying data-centric security for global governance, risk and compliance
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Avoid data residency mistakes by applying data-centric security for global governance, risk and compliance

Data residency laws can place complicated requirements and constraints on a company's IT strategy - from preventing the adoption of distributed application architectures, including cloud, to requiring expensive in-country data center operations with dedicated staff. The United States and the European Union cross border data laws, offshore banking rules, and federal mandates may also have conflicting data governance requirements leading to high compliance complexity and costs.

Businesses today operate across more geographic boundaries than ever before and as data travels globally, a company's compliance, risk, and data governance obligations become exponentially more complex. In addition, data moving across public and private clouds increases breach risk and compliance regulators can stop projects in their tracks - sometimes with dramatic consequences to the business.

In this webinar Mark Bower, VP product management, Voltage Security, shares effective strategies for protecting your data from threats while meeting privacy compliance regulations regardless of where your data is.

Data residency risks and challenges, and using a data-centric security approach to overcome them  
How to embrace a complex regulatory environment without the cost and risk of a traditional in-country data center  
Best practices to govern data access across geographic compliance boundaries such as the US and Canada, and the US and the EU  
Use cases for financial entities operating offshore and private banking rules and regulations such as those in the EU, Singapore and Switzerland  
Featured Speaker
Tom Field
Mark Bower
VP product management, Voltage Security
Mark Bower is a noted expert in data protection solutions, with over two decades of industry and technology experience in this area. His expertise spans electronic banking, smartcard payment systems, Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and identity management systems and cloud security both for the commercial and government sectors. He has worked on numerous global security projects with Fortune 500 firms in the UK, Australia, Canada, and the United States. Mark is heavily involved in industry standards bodies including the PCI Security Standards Council and the Security POS Vendors Alliance (SPVA). He has authored several patents for e-commerce technology innovations in POS software management and remote control, based on his extensive experience in banking and payment solutions.
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