Data-centric Audit and Protection (DCAP)

Data-centric Audit and Protection (DCAP) Solution

Defense-in-depth strategies must drive to the data level to protect the high-value core assets of today’s data-driven business—personal and regulated data and intellectual property. Data-centric audit and protection (DCAP) solutions reduce data breach risk and enable regulatory compliance. HPE SecureData delivers DCAP capabilities to address the gaps in coverage and policies that can allow cyber-attacks, and provides reporting and visibility to enable regulatory compliance. Moreover, addressing DCAP requirements with HPE SecureData enables the data usability, portability, and sharing required to support the business in next-generation, high-scale ecosystems including hybrid cloud, Big Data and IoT.

Key Considerations for GDPR Compliance

With the May 2018 deadline fast approaching, organizations must ensure that they are starting their GDPR compliance journey correctly. Laying a solid foundation and asking the right questions are critical to knowing where you stand against GDPR requirements. Micro Focus®’s expertise and experience from the start to the finish of your GDPR journey can help you answer and address key questions such as:

  • What is my readiness status?
  • Where is the information and sensitive personal data that may fall under these regulations?
  • How can I cost-effectively respond to legal matters requiring information under my management?
  • How do I best ensure sensitive data is protected, stored, and backed up securely?
  • How do I identify information for disposition that may be subject to “the right to be forgotten”?
  • Can I report a breach within the timeline required by the GDPR?
  • How do I reduce my overall risk profile?


Crippling Data Breaches

HPE SecureData uses a data-centric approach to protect sensitive data
end-to-end from the moment of capture, as it is processed, and stored across a variety of devices, operating systems, databases, and applications. This data-centric approach helps enterprises neutralize data breaches by rendering data valueless, de-identifying data through encryption, tokenization and data masking. HPE SecureData Enterprise solution includes market leading HPE Format-Preserving Encryption (FPE), HPE Secure Stateless Tokenization (SST), HPE Stateless Key Management,
and data masking.

Insecure Hadoop Clusters

Enterprises are rapidly adopting Hadoop, gaining large-scale analytics for very low cost. But inevitably attackers will target sensitive data in Hadoop, and traditional IT controls cannot fully protect the data. Enterprises need to augment infrastructure controls and governance with protecting the data itself to fully secure Hadoop.

Theft of Test/Dev Data

The business is driving initiatives that can push sensitive production data into more and more exposed areas. The key question is ‘How can you enable the business to be agile–and at the same time, take a more proactive, programmatic approach to data security?

Insecure Cloud Services

Sensitive data that moves into and across Cloud-based infrastructures increases the risk of data loss or compliance violations. Sensitive data needs to be protected at the point of creation, before it moves out of the enterprise or as it is entering the cloud.


Financial Services & Insurance Providers

HPE SecureData delivers data security across heterogeneous networks, protects email communications, file attachments, and payment card and personally identifiable information–in use, in transit and at rest.

Health Care

HPE SecureData’s strong end-to-end data encryption, tokenization and easy to use email and file encryption for healthcare data in storage, transit and in use are actively used by healthcare organizations to
comply with HIPAA and prevent
against data breaches.


Merchants and processors need to rethink security and take a data-centric approach that uses end-to-end format preserving encryption technology to protect data in transit, in use and at rest.


Regulatory Compliance Solutions

HPE SecureData provides breakthrough technologies for a comprehensive data-centric approach that has been proven to reduce PCI compliance audit scope by up to 80%, and radically cut compliance costs.