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Rethink Payment Security and
Neutralize Data Breaches

Secure Payment Transactions End-to-End

Don’t be part of the record-breaking wave of retail data breaches…losses by retailers, banks, and consumers are reaching billions of dollars. Retailers including big brand names have incurred massive data breaches in both card data and personal identifiable information, as well as damage to the company’s brand. These breaches are exploiting the security gaps in the payment ecosystem. Traditional security only encrypts payment card data at rest, and does not encrypt the full payment transaction. Merchants and processors need to rethink security and take a data-centric approach that uses end-to-end HPE Format-Preserving Encryption technology to protect data in transit, in use and at rest.

HPE SecureData Secure Commerce

HPE SecureData Secure Commerce solution protects cardholder data from the moment it’s entered into a web browser or POS device all the way through the web tier, the application tier, cloud infrastructure, and upstream IT systems and networks to the trusted host destination where it can be decrypted. This shields data from theft in the front-end and intermediate systems, and also reduces audit footprints. HPE SecureData Secure Commerce protects sensitive data using end-to-end format-preserving encryption and stateless tokenization technologies combined with an integrated HSM offers organizations physical and logical data protection, FIPS validated hardware solution for storing and managing keys, and centralized configuration and security policy enforcement, making it simpler for customers to manage data protection with a single vendor contact. Together with HPE SecureData and the new EMV chip card technology, retailers have a complete security solution to protect customer transactions.

Sensitive cardholder information in mobile payment applications, as well as Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and Protected Health Information (PHI) in other mobile-based applications, is protected end-to-end with HPE SecureData Mobile. HPE SecureData Mobile secures sensitive information in native mobile applications and environments, giving retailers more control in transforming and securing the customer experience.

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Don't become the next target

HPE SecureData end-to-end encryption and tokenization, combined with EMV enable retailers to get the highest level of security to mitigate the risk of cardholder data breaches. And, secure online transactions with HPE Page-Integrated Encryption (PIE).

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