Artificial Intelligence in Blog Comments?

The field of AI still hasn't produced the general thinking machine. But as I understand it, one of the successes of AI has been to create programs that can act intelligently in a specialized area. For example, an AI program can help diagnose car problems or another one can parse customer questions and be a first line of support.

Apparently someone out there has written an AI program that reads blog posts and leaves comments. The purpose is to write a comment that gets by the spam filter so the hyperlink on the commenter's name gets through. (A hyperlink in the comment itself triggers red flags in spam filters, but the hyperlink in the commenter's name is part of the protocol.)

Suppose you're a spammer and you think that leaving comments in blogs will help you. Maybe you think that other people reading your comment will click through to the URL in your name. Or more likely you think that putting a link to your web site in a comment will make it look to search engines as if there are lots of links to your site. Your web site will move up the search rankings.

Remember, the best search engines don't just find all occurrances of a praticular word or phrase, they return results based on popularity, which is determined by how many other sites link to your site.

Here's what I think is happening. The program reads blogs. Then it finds older posts (from maybe a month or two ago). It reads the posts and constructs a comment based on the post. It then posts the comment with the hyperlink in the name of the commenter. The comment has to be close enough to the topic to get by the spam filter. Commenting on older posts increases the chance that no one looks too closely at it, so there's less chance it will be deleted. Our blog here requires registering in order to post comments, so the program will do that as well.

For example, here are two comments on my posts about financial web sites and passwords.

"However, many financial companies are some of the worst offenders in placing restrictions on passwords." by "lacoste outlet".

"It is good to hear that financial websites do not allow weak passwords, thus it is very necessary for us users to make a very strong password to be able to secure our finances online." by "private label seo".

Sometimes the comments are more generic.

"The blog is full of useful information for me. I gone through the whole blog and found it very interesting and beneficial. Thanks a lot for bringing the knowledge here. I enjoyed reading the blog and is very much impressed. Hope to see you soon with lots of more interesting blogs." by "diploma management of melbourne".

"Don't know what is wrong what is rite but i know that every one has there own point of view and same goes to this one" by "Hermes Bikini".

Here's one that was obviously spam.

"Super cute! My little man would look so stylin' in those!" by "moncler jacket".

So is there an AI program out there that reads a blog post and constructs a comment that sounds like it is real? Or are there people writing these?

At first glance, it doesn't seem likely that there are people actually surfing the web, finding blogs and then manually commenting on entries. I would imagine that to make a profit on this activity (creating links to web sites in order to boost search engine rankings), the cost would have to be low. Hence a program and not real people.

On the other hand, maybe some marketing firm that promises to get your web site higher in the rankings will hire some people from poor countries to do this. The English on some is broken enough that it sounds feasible.

Incidentally, one of my posts got a lot of these comments and others get none. Maybe that one blog post was linked to another blog or something else, and the fact that it was linked to other places made it a prime candidate for using it to create artificial links.

So when I get a comment like this on my workplace training post …

"Training is the best way to improve the skill and we should take it seriously to get the best output. Hope everyone will appreciate it." by "website translation"

… should I let it remain or should I delete it?

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