JPMorgan Chase awards Voltage Security for Data-centric Encryption Innovation

IMG_2541 At the J.P. Morgan Technology Innovation Symposium, yesterday afternoon, JPMorgan Chase inducted Voltage Security into its Innovation Hall of Fame in front of hundreds of Silicon Valley executives. 

Only two vendors were selected in this year's awards which recognize top emerging technology vendors for business impact, measured in terms of driving value for the firm, disruptiveness of technology and the overall quality of the partnership. Voltage was selected by top IT executives at JPMorgan Chase for its innovative data-centric encryption approach for protecting structured and unstructured data across datacenters, the cloud and mobile devices.


"In an environment of ever-increasing threats, secure communications are critical to our business and our clients." 
Guy Chiarello, Global CIO of JPMorgan Chase.
"Voltage's stateless key management technology is enabling JPMorgan Chase to roll out secure communications on a global scale with an excellent time-to-market." 
Anish Bhimani, Chief Information Risk Officer of JPMorgan Chase. 


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