Format-Preserving Encryption – FFX AES – NIST 800-38G Standard Development

NIST, the US Government standards body, recently went on the public record with an update about the Format-Preserving Encryption standards track process. Great news! Lots of progress made and the final steps are in play.

Take a look here -

The update is in the last section. 

NIST is developing a special publication to specify three modes for Format-Preserving Encryption based on the FFX framework: FFX-base, VAES3, and the analogous component of BPS. (See the FFX and BPS proposals on the modes development page.) A draft SP 800-38G is currently undergoing internal NIST review; a revised draft is expected to be released for public comment by the early spring”

So there we have it – as mentioned before, its moving ahead nicely.

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