Lots and lots of keys


The Key Management Summit has always been part of the IEEE Symposium on Mass Storage Systems and Technologies. This is mostly for historical reasons: the biggest use for key management products today is managing the keys use to encrypt storage: tape drives, disk drives, etc. The same vendors interested in mass storage systems were also interested in key management, so the two meetings seemed to fit together well.

From what I heard at this year's Key Management Summit, the connection between mass storage and key management may get even stronger in the future. The concensus of the participants in the KMS was that within 10 years it will not be uncommon for key management products to be managing at least one trillion keys. That's a lot of keys, and it will take at least several terabytes of storage just to hold them all.

Maybe it's time for people to take a closer look at key derivation functions. If you use a KDF instead of generating all of your keys randomly, you just need to store and securely backup the master secrets that are used in the KDF. That can reduce the amount of storage that you need from several terabytes down to a few dozen bytes. KDFs are useful today. Maybe they'll be even more useful in the future.

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