PKI as a Galapagos technology

I just came across an interesting article on the Wall Street Journal web site. This article was talking about the problems that Japanese manufacturers have had in getting sales for their wireless handsets outside of Japan. These devices are apparently known as "Galapagos phones" because they're unique creatures that don't interact with the outside world. 

At which point I realized that the same term applies to X.509-based public-key infrastructure. PKI works just fine for things like SSL/TLS, but it seems to fail miserably in cases where users need to interact with lots of people outside a closed environment. Fortunately for Voltage, that's the very case where identity-based encryption does well, which probably explains why our sales people do so well at selling Voltage SecureMail. But in any case, it certainly seems to make sense to refer to PKI as a "Galapagos technology," doesn't it?

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