The complexity of secure web gateways

I was recently looking at the Burton Group's report "Selecting Secure Web Gateway Solutions." Secure web gateways strike me as a technology that may be necessary, but also one that's not inherently interesting. Not like elliptic curves, for example.

What did seem interesting in this report, however, was the size of the databases of URLs that today's secure web gateways use: up to 150 million URLs in over 100 languages. That's probably enough to make a very complicated piece of software, but it's just a small fraction of what's possible. I recall reading that there are roughly 5,000 languages in the world today. I also recall reading that Google has indexed over 4 billion URLs. If those numbers are accurate then there's plenty of room for secure web gateway vendors to increase the size of their databases.

In any case, when you start working with systems that are that complicated you probably have to overcome all sorts of technical challenges,  so I'm sure that the engineers that work on this technology have their work cut out for them. But I still think that I'd prefer to stick to elliptic curves.

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