The future of money

There's a big feature on the IEEE Spectrum web site about the future of money. The articles comprising this are the following:

The Beginning of the End of Cash

A Brief History of Money

The Evolution of Modern Money

Bitcoin: the Cryptoanarchists' Answer to Cash

There's No Stopping the Rise of E-Money

The Biometric Wallet

My Year Trying to Live Cash Free

Consumption 2.0

Don't Write Off Checks

The Long Life and Imminent Death of the Mag-Stripe Card

Quantum Cash and the End of Counterfeiting

Phone-y Money

Virtual Currency Gets Real

The High Cost of Taking Your Money

The Microsecond Market

No More Waiting on Near Field Communication

I found some of these articles more useful and more interesting than others, but if you're interested in things like the electronic processing of payments and the security of electronic payments, this special feature is definitely well worth reading.

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