Why businesses aren’t profitable

Conventional wisdom tells us that the global recession that we're seeing now is the result of the recent problems with financial markets. A closer look at IT industry analyst reports, however, might tell us that there's another reason that businesses aren't doing as well as they'd like to, and that's because of their use of IT. In particular, if you add up the TCO estimates for all of the IT products that a typical business uses, you'll find that the cost of their IT systems is much greater than their revenue. In other words, there's absolutely no way that a business can both use IT systems and be profitable at the same time.

This leads me to believe that one of two things has to be true. One possibility is that the TCO estimates that we often see aren't really very meaningful. Another possibility is that it's just impractical to use modern IT products because they cost more that they're worth. If the first of these two is true, then we have nothing to worry about, except perhaps wasting lots of time on TCO estimates that don't really tell us anything useful. If the second is true, then the global economy is doomed until we revert to more primitive, pre-dot-com-era technologies. Which one is more likely?

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