Blog to book software

A few people have asked me about me creating a hardcopy book from the contents of this blog. Trying to find things to do other than look for errors in a math-heavy standards document, I recently tried out a couple of the available services that let you do this to see how hard it is and what's involved in doing it. I was stunned by how bad the available options were.

In one case, the first few posts were loaded into the book-making software with no problems, but the rest after that ended up badly garbled. That made that particular offering totally useless.

The next one I tried couldn't handle subscripts and superscripts, among other things, so it ended up being useless also.

I doubt that I'm the only person who does things like indenting text or using superscripts. Why can't the current versions of blog-to-book software handle the use of these things?

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