Best April Fools’ post

Out of the thousands (millions?) of April Fools' blog posts out there, I found one particularly entertaining: the one by Greg Mankiw that claimed that Harvard was going to auction off 100 slots to next year's incoming class.  Here's what he said:

Today is the day Harvard announces admission decisions to the college.  Moreover, as you may know, Harvard has been struggling with a sizable budget shortfall.  The budget problem, however, has now been solved.  Harvard has decided to auction off 100 slots in next year's freshman class to the highest bidders.  If you are interested in entering a bid or learning more about the program, click here.  Bids are due by the end of the day.

At Voltage, of course, we're known for our innovative security technologies instead of our sense of humor, so you won't find anything like Mankiw's post here. Or if it's here it will probably be buried in some arcane discussion of elliptic curves that almost nobody will actually read.

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