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When I recently logged in to the ISSA web site, I was surprised to see that the web site apparently thinks that I'm in rural Libya somewhere. Here's what its map showed for my location:


Based on this, the 10 closest ISSA chapters to me are Italy, Abuja, Egypt, Spain, Switzerland, Istanbul, France, Romania, Israel and Lagos. Voltage often supplies speakers for ISSA meetings, but I don't think that we've sent anyone to any of these locations yet, even though they're apparently fairly close to us.

I didn't know that there are actually two chapters in Nigeria (Abuja and Lagos). Maybe keeping one step ahead of all of the spammers requires lots of security professionals. Maybe there's a different reason. The population of Nigeria is roughly 150 million, or about half the size of the US, so there must be lots of businesses there that need information security people.

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