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Securely use data throughout your
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HPE SecureData Enterprise

Financial institutions, merchants, health care providers, and service providers share common concerns when it comes to data protection and privacy. With data in constant mo­tion and with rising threats to sensitive data from both inside and outside the business, companies need to be able to protect data end-to-end, from the moment of capture across the information lifecycle through testing and production. What’s more, the costs of passing audit and maintaining compliance are becoming more unpredictable–with increasing regula­tions, outsourcing and adoption of big data and cloud computing. There is a strong need to reduce audit scope wherever possible to contain costs.

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HPE SecureData for Hadoop

HPE SecureData is a data-centric framework that protects data end-to-end, from the moment of capture, through the business analysis, to the back-end data store. HPE SecureData technologies call for de-identifying the data as close to its source as possible, transforming sensitive data elements with usable, yet de-identified, equivalents that retain their format,
behavior and meaning.

HPE SecureData Mobile

HPE SecureData Mobile, a new addition to the HPE SecureData portfolio, provides security at data capture on the mobile endpoint. HPE SecureData Mobile enables end-to-end sensitive data protection from native mobile iOS and Android applications through the entire enterprise data lifecycle and payment data stream.

HPE SecureData Payments

In today’s environment of highly publicized credit card breaches and increased regulatory requirements, mitigating the risk of a data breach in the payment stream is critical – from authorization and settlement through business processes such as charge- backs, loyalty or repeat payments.

HPE SecureData Sandbox

HPE SecureData Sandbox provides an easy, step-by-step way for security architects and developers to experience data-centric security without disrupting operations or installing new systems or hardware. HPE SecureData Sandbox is a self-contained, virtual, portable environment that consists of a full complement of the HPE SecureData appliance and affiliated APIs.

HPE SecureData Test & Development

An alarming number of data breaches, along with complex regulatory compliance requirements, highlight the need to de-identify sensitive data when moving from production to test, development, and
training environments.

HPE SecureData Web

HPE SecureData Web protects payment data captured at the browser, from the point the customer enters their cardholder information or personal data, and keeps it protected all the way through the web, the application, cloud infrastructure, and upstream IT systems and networks to the trusted host destination.

HPE SecureFile

Unauthorized access to documents and files remains one of the most commonly reported reasons for data breach incidents such as data loss and theft. To protect sensitive information in files and prevent costly data breaches, enterprises require solutions that can be easily adopted by users.