Threat: Theft of Test/Dev Data

Secure corporate and customer data from inside and outside attack

The business is driving initiatives that can push sensitive production data into more and more exposed areas. The key question is ‘How can you enable the business to be agile–and at the same time, take a more proactive, programmatic approach to data security?

Protect Sensitive Test/Dev Data

Infrastructure protection alone is not enough to protect sensitive data. Using third parties and off-shoring for test, development and training, is attractive for cost-reduction and operational flexibility, but can place corporate and customer data in less trusted environments. The only way for organizations to truly protect their data is to make it worthless to an attacker by de-identifying the data while
at rest, in transit and in use.

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Attack Trends vs. Protection Strategy Effectiveness

Traditional security techniques such as infrastructure protection and data-at-rest encryption for data storage only secure against a narrow range of threats – particularly physical threats such as loss of disks in the data center. Physical threats are on the decline. Today’s threats require new data-centric protection strategies, to eliminate the gaps that can be exploited by hacking and malware. Data-centric security technologies, such as field-level, HPE Format-Preserving Encryption and tokenization, can be used to pervasively secure sensitive customer and corporate data.

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